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Harvard Academic 'Mildly Flattered' That Senator Plagiarized His Work

AP Photo / Matt Volz

"Honestly, I’m not outraged," Lynn-Jones wrote Thursday in the Washington Post. "Although I don’t condone plagiarism, I was surprised and mildly flattered that Sen. Walsh had decided to incorporate so much of my paper into his, albeit without citing me once."

Lynn-Jones did add, however, that the 2007 thesis's use of his 1998 article needed "significant revisions" considering what had happened in the interim.

"Even in 2007, my paper ... was out of date," he wrote. "I wrote it in 1998, when the Clinton administration was embracing the strategy of spreading democracy."

"By 2007," he continued, "U.S. interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan had, to put it mildly, given democracy promotion a bad name."