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John Oliver: Net Neutrality Prevents 'Cable Company F*ckery' (VIDEO)


Oliver plays a clip of a telecommunications lawyer explaining that the end of net neutrality would simply mean "a fast lane for everybody and a hyper speed lane for others," to which Oliver cries, "Bullshit!"

"If we let cable companies offer two speeds of service, they won’t be Usain Bolt and Usain Bolt on a motor bike. They’ll be Usain Bolt and Usain Bolted to an anchor," Oliver said, comparing internet speed to the Jamaican sprinter.

He then adds that companies like Facebook and Google have called on the Federal Communications Commission to maintain true net neutrality.

“What’s being proposed is so egregious, activists and corporations have been forced onto the same side," Oliver explained.

Oliver says that net neutrality's main problem is that it's boring, showing a clip of a congressional hearing on the issue.

"And that’s the problem. The cable companies have figured out the great truth of America: if you want to do something evil, put it inside something boring," he said. "Advocates should not be talking about protecting net neutrality. They shouldn’t even use that phrase. They should call it preventing cable company fuckery. Because that is what it is."

He then calls on internet commenting "monsters" to flood the FCC comments website with calls for the regulator to maintain net neutrality.

Watch the video via HBO: