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McCain Doesn't Understand Why Kerry Is Talking Climate Change (AUDIO)

AP Photo / Laszlo Beliczay

McCain said Tuesday that in light of recent diplomatic efforts by the United States, Kerry shouldn't be focused on the environment.

“Why should he talk about climate change when we’ve got a 130,000 people in Syria killed, and, as I predicted on this show many times, the whole Geneva thing was a fiasco, when the Iran-U.S. talks are obviously a joke, and the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations haven’t even begun,” McCain told host Mike Broomhead on Phoenix radio station KFYI.

"You know John Kerry and the President, they could be hitting the trifecta here."

McCain expressed disbelief that Kerry used a recent visit to Indonesia to address climate change.

"Hello? On what planet does he reside?" McCain said.

Kerry said Sunday that climate change is the world's "most fearsome" weapon. He also compared climate changer-deniers to members of the Flat Earth Society.

Those remarks prompted former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to call for Kerry's resignation.

McCain's remarks on Kerry and climate change come around the 4:40 mark.