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Dems Slam MSNBC's 'Double Standard' Over Morning Joe Keynoting GOP Event

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On Wednesday MSNBC said Scarborough could be the keynote speaker at an event hosted by the New Hampshire Cheshire County Republican Committee. The committee originally dubbed the event as a fundraiser but after MSNBC started asking questions the committee got rid of the "fundraiser" label, according to Politico. MSNBC then said that Scarborough wouldn't be speaking at a fundraiser.

The Democratic National Committee sees hypocrisy though as back in February MSNBC said Schultz could not keynote a fundraising event by the Broward County Democrats.

"Now, I don't begrudge Joe participating in this event," DNC Communications Director Mo Elleithee said in a letter sent to MSNBC. "But for the life of me, I couldn't figure out why he would be allowed to speak to a Republican event, but other MSNBC personalities were not allowed to speak at Democratic events. Seems like a pretty big double standard."

Politico also noted that back in March Scarborough attended a New Hampshire Northeast Republican Leadership Conference. MSNBC said he was there as a "discussion moderator."

Read the full letter below:

Letter to Phil Griffin