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O'Keefe's New Bombshell: Wear Bin Laden Mask To Cross The Border


But then for the main event. O'Keefe crosses back into Mexico, changes into a camouflaged jacket and — to really drive his point home — sports a rubber Osama bin Laden mask.

"I'm here today to ask you," O'Keefe says, pausing for dramatic effect as he slips on the mask: "Do you feel safe?"

Gawker noted a couple of problems with the latest bombshell — such as the apparent absence of video showing O'Keefe crossing a frequently patrolled road or other obstacles during his six-mile journey to I-10, from where O'Keefe notes that he could get "anywhere in the United States."

But it's not as if the filmmaker once famed by conservatives for bringing down ACORN has been accused of deceptive or hyperbolic editorial practices in the past.