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Fox Panel Takes On Laura Ingraham In Immigration Debate (VIDEO)


"Far as I can tell, The Wall Street Journal is on the side of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, Pat Leahy and La Raza," Ingraham said on "Fox News Sunday." "Right now we're not really enforcing our laws uniformly. The president, as John Boehner just realized, apparently, is not trustworthy. He has the deferred action for a million and a half people who are here illegally."

Fox Host Chris Wallace asked conservative columnist George Will to debate Ingraham on the "split in the Republican party" on immigration. Will argued that immigration reform would actually help the economy.

"There's an intense global competition for human capital and we're losing out on that," he said. "To emigrate is to make an entrepreneurial act, it's to uproot yourself and perhaps your family and take a risk. And those are the kind of people I want more of."

Ingraham challenged him, "Do you care about American workers at all and their jobs and their wages, and their dream?"

Will then said that immigration spurs economic growth.

"They're all going to be working because we're going to have economic dynamism aided by immigration," he said about American workers.

Ingraham then attacked the Obama administration's record on securing the border.

"So why have a border at all?" Ingraham said. "There is no will to enforce the border. There is no faith in this administration to do it. The Republican elites and the Democratic elites agree, and the people are revolting across this country."

Wallace and Fox contributor Juan Williams then jumped in to point out to Ingraham that Obama has deported more people than former President George W. Bush did while in office.

Watch the video below via RightSightings. The debate begins around 3:40:

Correction: An original version of this post misidentified Fox host as George Wallace. His name is Chris Wallace.