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Idaho Guv Debate Gets 30-Second TV Delay For Profanity-Prone Candidate


"I've heard that he's been cussing" at campaign events, debate moderator Melissa Davlin told the Statesman.

Two-term incumbent Gov. Butch Otter (R) wanted Brown and another candidate, Walt Bayes, to be invited to the debate. Brown does not pose a serious threat to Otter, according to the Statesman.

Brown himself is aware that his comments can sometimes cross the line. His campaign website lists a number of "Harleyisms" which include:

• "Register Communists, not firearms. That means domestic enemies of the United States Constitution such as Bloomberg, Schumer and Pelosi"

• "Work harder!
Millions on welfare depend on you"

• "If you want more inches – stroke it."

• "God, how I wish we had picked our own cotton"

(H/t: Rachel Baye)

(Photo credit: Harley Brown for Governor)