Huckabee’s Most Awkward Interview Involved Discussion Of A Woman’s Breast Size


Mike Huckabee is a former Baptist minister who parlayed a career in politics into a job in the often-bawdy world of talk radio. So it’s probably not much of a surprise that the cultural conservative got a bit squeamish when one of his show’s guests claimed to be victim of a peculiar bit of discrimination.

“It was a woman who got fired because she said that her boss thought that her breasts were too big. And I’m not making this up,” Huckabee told Politico. “So I’m sitting there having to interview this woman about her boss thought her breasts were too big. I’ve had conversations with a lot of people, public and private, but this is just not one I want to have on a national radio show. It was bizarre. It was absolutely the most awkward, uncomfortable conversation I think I’ve probably ever had.”

Huckabee said the guest was scheduled by a producer who “didn’t last very long with the show,” suggesting that the interview may have played a part in his short stint.

“That’s one I’ve tried to forget; unfortunately I’m unable to,” he said of the interview, which he described as “the most awkward, uncomfortable conversation I think I’ve probably ever had.”

“The Mike Huckabee Show” came to an end earlier this month, and the Arkansas governor — who finished second in the GOP’s 2008 presidential contest — has already indicated that he’s open to launching another White House bid.


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