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House GOPer Immediately Contradicts Himself While Explaining Obamacare Alternative (VIDEO)

AP Photo / Al Behrman

But less than two minutes later, as Wenstrup was attempting to explain how Republicans would provide care to those with pre-existing conditions, he seemed to re-endorse the employer-based system. He blamed Obamacare for keeping people out of jobs and therefore accessing employer-sponsored coverage -- the very kind he had just boasted the GOP plan would free Americans from.

"The other thing that would really help us along the way is if we would do things within the economy that got people into jobs that had insurance," he said. "There's no greater social reform than having a job, but unfortunately within Obamacare, it's doing a lot of things that take people away from their jobs or into part-time roles."

The full video is below.

(h/t Washington Examiner)