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House GOPer: We're Gonna Make Them An Offer They Can't Refuse

AP Photo / Greg Pearson

Fleming's remarks came before the House GOP's new plan appeared to dissolve amid conservative objections. He portrayed that initial proposal as the start of a new set of negotiations between the chambers, even with default only two days away.

"This is a first step toward really a whole new negotiation," Fleming said. "The problem that we have, and this is really more tactics than anything, not ideological, is the more we lard down an offer, the more likely it's going to be ignored, and we're going to get something back that's less."

Previously, Fleming had downplayed the consequences of default in comments last month to Politico.

“I am,” Fleming said when asked if he’s willing to forgo raising the debt ceiling without a delay to Obamacare. “Technically, it’s not possible to default because there’s always enough revenue to cover the interest. If we defaulted it was because the president chose to default, not because we ran out of money.”