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House GOP Asks Eccentric Ex-Fugitive to Vet

AP Photo / Graham Hughes

"My advice would be: Throw it away, and start over," McAfee said. "You cannot fix the system that's there. It is impossible, the way it is architected, any good programmer will tell you, it's just not going to work... It will never work the way that it is."

The committee sought McAfee, who was deported to the United States last December after being detained in Guatemala, to "guide our oversight and review of" the website's launch, according to an email obtained by CNBC.

McAfee was suspected last year of murdering his neighbor while living in Belize. He was never charged and vehemently denied the accusation.

According to CNBC, McAfee never actually spoke with the committee. McAfee explained to Jones that he turned the request down because the committee wanted to do the briefing over the phone.

If you want a picture of McAfee's life in Belize, check out these Gizmodo and Reuters pieces. He lived in a compound, armed to the teeth with firearms and outfitted with a chemistry laboratory. He also apparently kept a lot of dogs on the premises and, when detained by Belize authorities, he was accompanied by a 17-year-old girl.