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The Clintons Might Already Be Wooing A 2016 Veep Candidate

AP Photo / Eric Gay

The veep speculation is mostly a matter of connecting the dots. Castro is a young (39) and charismatic Hispanic politician, as is his twin brother Joaquin, a freshman Texas congressman.

Now Bill Clinton is inviting Castro over for dinner so they can get to know each other better and Hillary Clinton also spoke with a close Castro friend at a private lunch in March about Castro's political aspirations, according to the Post.

Even anonymous sources close to situation are stoking the fire.

“The Clintons are keeping the Castros very close to them," a confidante told the Post.

Official spokespeople, of course, dismissed the 2016 conjecture.

“Secretary Castro and former president Clinton had a discussion about ways the agency can expand on the partnership with the Clinton Climate Initiative to make public housing more energy-efficient,” HUD spokeswoman Betsaida Alcantara told the Post.

"They didn't talk about 2016," a Clinton aide said.