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Clinton Spokesman Blasts Ed Klein's Latest Book On Hillary: It's 'Bullsh*t'

AP Photo / Jonathan Bachman

In an excerpt of the book highlighted by the New York Post on Wednesday, Klein says that Hillary Clinton told President Obama to "call off your f–king dogs," referring to investigations into her email usage. Klein cited a Clinton source and Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, according to the Post.

When asked about Klein's claims by the Post, Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill slammed the book and Klein's "bullshit."

"Another book? Someone should do a book about Ed," Merrill told the Post. "They could call it 'Bulls–t: The Problem with Anything Ed Klein Writes.'"

"The only true thing about him is his consistent and utter lack of a relationship with the facts," he continued. "He has more hair than credibility, and the man is bald. So we’re not going to get down in the gutter with him and his outrageous fabrications."