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Giffords' Gun Control Group Wades Into VA Gubernatorial Race

AP Photo / Tom Uhlman

Cuccinelli is a gun rights advocate. His Democratic opponent in the race, Terry McAuliffe, supports universal background checks.

Read an excerpt from the email below:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli has a secret he's been trying to hide from the 91% of Virginians who support common sense solutions to keep our communities safer from gun violence.

He's spent a career making it easier for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill to not only get their hands on weapons, but to carry them in schools, churches, and bars. Cuccinelli even stepped up as a leading opponent of reform after the tragic massacre at Virginia Tech in 2008.

That's why the gun lobby is desperately trying to rescue his faltering campaign with a $500,000 television ad buy attacking his opponent.

If you believe, like Gabby and I do, that the only way we'll change our gun laws is to challenge the influence of the gun lobby in all fifty states, then I hope you'll join our campaign to educate Virginians about Ken Cuccinelli's extreme record on guns.


With Congress unwilling to act on guns, the work we do in individual states takes on even greater meaning.