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Georgetown U To Rename Buildings Named For Presidents Who Sold Slaves

AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin

McSherry Hall was named for another university president who served as an adviser over the sale of slaves in 1838, according to the Washington Post.

Students at Georgetown University have been protesting the school's decision to keep Mulledy's name on the building. Students staged sit-ins at the president's office and called for a campus discussion about race, according to Slate.

"We’re in a climate now where students on campus are not allowing stuff to just fly anymore," Georgetown senior Queen Adesuyi, one of the protest's organizers, told Slate. “We’re acting in solidarity with other black students on other campuses that have to deal with the same issues."

DeGoia on Saturday announced that both of the buildings would be renamed to remove the references to the sale of slaves. The school has not yet chosen permanent names, but for now Mulledy Hall will be called Freedom Hall, and McSherry Hall will be named Remembrance Hall, according to the Washington Post.