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FreedomWorks CEO: Shutdown, Debt Crisis Were 'Brilliant Republican Strategy'

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The article, published by the website Marginal Revolution, posits that "Republicans convinced some of their opponents that they are crazy and irresponsible, without actually being crazy (though they were irresponsible, but that is the whole point)."

"Look where we stand," Tyler Cowen, the author of the piece, wrote. "In real terms government spending has been falling.  Sequestration appears to be permanent, or it will be negotiated away by Republicans in return for preferred changes in tax and spending policy.  Leading Democratic intellectuals are talking about future fiscal bargains with no new taxes.  The American public polls as increasingly conservative."

Recent polls have been pretty grim for Republicans, with nearly all showing that the American public blamed the GOP for the dual crises. The showdown over the budget and debt ceiling also created a divide on the right, something that Kibbe addressed Friday.

In an interview with CSPAN, he said it's a "real possibility" that the GOP will be split into two factions.