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Fox News Host Grills Lindsey Graham About GOP's Missing Obamacare Alternative (VIDEO)


Later in the interview, Lee pressed Graham on the Republican plan again.

“Why do you think that Republicans can put together a better plan to get the trust back in government? What are Republicans putting out there that says to the American people, ‘No, you can trust us?'" she asked.

"I think the first thing we’ve got to explain to the public is the Democrats who want to fix Obamacare have a political problem," Graham responded.

Lee interrupted Graham as he continued to answer.

"Why hasn't a full proposal of a completely different plan from the GOP been developed, put out to the press for us to look at and really dig into?" she asked.

Graham didn't have a complete answer for Lee.

"I hope that comes, but at the end of the day, we are trying to implement a law that’s just failing America on multiple fronts," he responded.

Lee asks one more time what's keeping Republicans from putting together an alternative health care law, and Graham says he believes the GOP should come up with a plan.

“I think we should have an outline of a health care plan that would be better for America," he said. "But between now and then, our Democratic friends are trying to sell the American people, ‘You can fix this Obamacare.’ It can’t be fixed. It’s got to be torn down, and start over.”

Watch the clip from Fox News' "Happening Now" via ThinkProgress: