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Florida GOP House Candidate: President Obama Should Be Executed

AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster

Black also tweeted that "execution is the appropriate punishment for traitors." According to the Times, Black explained that he advocated for Obama's death because the president had ordered a drone strike that killed an American.

"He should be executed for treason," Black, who works as a taxi driver, according to the Times, said. "I think the appropriate punishment is death. They killed Benedict Arnold. (Obama) shouldn't be allowed to kill Americans without a trial."

Benedict Arnold, it should be noted, was not executed. Black later acknowledged the error on his Twitter page.

Black's campaign website said that his political involvement began in 2012 "as I tried to influence the Republican presidential primary." He also proclaimed on the site that "Republicans have a serious communication problem."

Florida House District 68, where Black has declared his candidacy, is currently held by a Democrat, Dwight Dudley.