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Even Erick Erickson Bailed On Matt Bevin


Erickson made the announcement in a blog post on Tuesday afternoon, around the time polls closed in the Kentucky Senate race. Erickson wrote:

Matt Bevin will not be the Republican nominee in Kentucky. As much as I wish he would be, all of us have to deal with reality. The reality is that it will be Mitch McConnell or Allison Grimes comes November. And I sure as hell don’t want Allison Grimes.

So I will proudly support Mitch McConnell. I sent his campaign $250.00 today to help build the general election war chest. People tell me I’m a leader in the conservative movement. Sometimes leading means going where I’d prefer not to.

The post is a shift from what Erickson wrote in the past. In February Erickson said "I’m sticking with Matt Bevin. I want to save America. To do that, Washington must change. But Washington won’t change unless we change the leadership of the Republican Party."