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YOLO: Louisiana Ex-Con Governor Runs For Congress

AP Photo / Kerry Maloney

"I'm just figuring out all the legalities and how to set up a super PAC and then I'm going," Edwards told Bloomberg News.

Edwards, 86, had previously been coy about the possibly of running for Congress. Louisiana voters may also recall that Edwards spent eight years in prison before being released in 2011. Since then he also was a central character of a short-lived reality t.v. show called "The Governor's Wife," starring his wife and her family.

Edwards actually served in Congress before, from 1965 to 1972.

Edwards' wife, Trina, however said that her husband is not running.

"I was there when he was on that call and he did not say that," Trina Edwards told The New Orleans Times Picayune of Edwards' comments. "He only said he was considering running…He definitely said he had not decided."

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