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Trump To Obama: Wear A Tie!


"Let him put on a tie. Bill was wearing a tie," Trump said Monday on "Fox & Friends." "Not that he has to follow Bill, but Bill was wearing a tie. He's the president. It's a formal position."

"It's sloppy. It's not appropriate. It's not presidential," he added.

“You know, Mr. Trump, you make neckties,” co-host Steve Doocy later joked. “You should send the president a couple of them for the next Super Bowl.”

“You know, that’s a great idea,” the billionaire replied. “You just gave me a great idea. Right out of Macy’s, I’ll send them immediately."

Other than the fashion faux pas, Trump said he was impressed Obama agreed to sit down with O'Reilly, even though he thought the President "probably shouldn't have done it."