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Donald Trump Releases New Ad Slamming Ted Cruz As 'Pro Amnesty'


Cruz stumbled and mumbled before responding, "Of course I wanted the bill to pass, what — my amendment to pass, what my amendment did is take citizenship off the table but it doesn’t mean, what it doesn't mean that I supported other aspects of the bill."

The Trump ad labels Cruz as "pro-immigration" and asks, "What is he talking about?"

The ad then cuts to to comments made by Cruz in 2013, when he urged the Senate to pass an immigration reform compromise that would allow "those who are here illegally to come out of the shadows."

The Trump ad labels Cruz "pro amnesty," then cuts to Trump laying out his immigration proposals.

"To have a country, you have to have borders," Trump says in the ad.

Trump's first attack ad on Cruz will run in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. The Trump campaign did not specify how much the candidate would spend airing the ad, but said that the campaign will spend $2 million each week on advertising.

Watch the ad on Trump's campaign website.