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Trump: My Mass Deportations Will Be Done 'Warmly And Humanely'


Trump has been vocal that he plans to deport all undocumented immigrants from the country, but has yet to tell how he will go about it.

Camerota asked, "How would you specifically go about it?"

Trump then dodged the question.

"Through good management and through a process. And the process is the bad ones go and they never come back," Trump said. "They’re never coming back. The really good ones, and there are many, they will go and they will come back legally. They’ll come back on an expedited system."

She then asked if he would use the National Guard or police to enforce the policy.

"I would use different forms," Trump said. "It will take place and it will be done effectively and warmly and humanely. And a lot of people will be very happy about it. Did you know i had a good hispanic poll the other day?"

Trump then pivoted into talking about his poll numbers.