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Did A Twitter User Convince CNN Host Don Lemon To Bring Up 'The Supernatural'?


A glance at the CNN anchor's Twitter feed might offer a clue. On Sunday, Lemon received a pointed message from a user under the handle @curryslap, who said he wanted "one of you dam media people" to "discuss the remote possibility of something super natural."

Lemon soon let @curryslap know that he was in luck.

"Going there," Lemon replied.

Go there, he did. That day, Lemon wondered on-air if the plane's disappearance was the result of something "supernatural." And he made it clear that @curryslap wasn't the only one pushing him in that direction.

"I have been getting questions from viewers on social media, through email, and even on the streets. Especially today, on a day that we deal with the supernatural, we go to church, the supernatural power of God," Lemon said.

"People are saying to me, why aren't you talking about the possibility -- and I'm just putting it out there -- that something odd happened to this plane, something beyond our understanding?" he added.

But @curryslap didn't want Lemon to talk about the divine. The clearly conspiratorial Twitter user lamented Monday that "media anchors have been told not to say" anything about aliens or wormholes.