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Dems Launch Six-Figure Ad Campaign Attacking Nikki Haley

AP Photo / Chuck Burton

The 30-second ad features a former staff attorney for the Department of Social Services, named Betsy Burton, saying she quit her job after decades "because we actually were leaving children in dangerous situations to make the numbers look better."

"That really disturbed my conscience and I did not wish to be a part of that," Burton says in the ad. "Nikki Haley is protecting her career instead of our children."

The ads will begin to run on Wednesday, the DGA said. The DGA referenced local reports about the Haley administration "covering up systemic problems" and using "misleading numbers" at the Department of Social Services.

Haley is up for reelection in November and narrowly leading Democratic candidate Vincent Sheheen, according to a poll late June by Public Policy Polling, a Democratic firm.