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Axelrod: Clinton May 'Signal To Elite' That De Blasio Is No Radical

AP Photo / Seth Wenig

After riding a "tale of two cities" message to a resounding victory in last year's mayoral race, de Blasio's arrival at City Hall has been met with eager anticipation from progressives in New York and across the country. The reaction from conservatives and budget-obsessed centrists has been less enthusiastic.

According to Axelrod, Clinton's leading role at de Blasio's inauguration could help the new mayor placate the two constituencies whose priorities are often diametrically opposed.

Axelrod, the former top adviser to President Obama, suggested on Twitter that Clinton's participation in the inauguration ceremony may provide reassurances to the left ahead of the 2016 presidential race and "signal to elite" that de Blasio's "agenda is not 'radical.'"

It was a former Axelrod protege, John Del Cecato, who was behind the now-famous campaign ad featuring de Blasio's biracial, teenage son Dante.

Clinton formally swore in de Blasio during a New Year's Day ceremony at City Hall. De Blasio was an official at the Department of Housing and Urban Development in former President Clinton's administration and served as campaign manager for Hillary Clinton's successful U.S. Senate bid in 2000.

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