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Anti-Obamacare Georgia GOPer Wanted 'Federal'Health Care Solution

AP Photo / Phil Sears

So, Perdue said according to Retailing Today, "the solution has to be at the federal level.

"If it's left up to the states, there will be 50 different solutions.

Perdue's comments were resurfaced by The Daily Caller on Monday. His campaign said that Perdue's calls for full reaping Obamacare do not conflict with his statements from years earlier.

Purdue has tried to differentiate himself from the pack of Republicans running for the open seat by releasing an ad that portrayed the other candidates as crying babies.

"David supports the full repeal of Obamacare," Perdue campaign spokesman Derrick Dickey told The Daily Caller. "However, he along with many other Republicans recognize that there are issues that must be addressed at the federal level."

Dickey added that Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) "has a great patient-centered alternative to replace Obamacare."

Price's Obamacare alternative, which would provide some tax incentives to individuals to purchase coverage and allow insurers to sell plans across state lines, has gained little traction in the Republican-controlled House.