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GOP Official On FL Special Election: 'Are You F---ing Kidding Me?'

AP Photo / Steve Nesius

The new details about internal problems with the Jolly campaign come a day before the special election for the late C.W. Bill Young's (R-FL) House seat.

In the same write-up, Politico also reports that Jolly's campaign managed to tick off House Speaker John Boehner's (R-OH) staff after he suggested that he might not support Boehner's re-election as speaker (criticism of Boehner on the campaign trail isn't unheard of among Republicans this cycle). Twice Jolly refused to say whether he would back Boehner. After the second refusal Jolly tweeted out that he would support Beohner. But there were still hard feelings among Boehner's staff.

"After all that was done to help Jolly, his noncommital statements on if he supports the speaker made Boehner advisers furious," a GOP official with close ties to Boehner said according to Politico.