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David Gregory: NBC Brought In Branding People To Amplify My 'Strengths'

AP Photo / William B. Plowman

"There was never any psychological consultant hired, that's utter fiction. That's gossip reporting gone wild," Gregory said Friday in an appearance on Washington, DC radio station WTOP.

The Washington Post reported on Monday that the psychological consultant was commissioned to "to get perspective and insight from people who know him best." The network spokeswoman quoted by the Post later disputed that information and said NBC had brought on a "brand consultant."

Gregory told WTOP that NBC got branding and marketing experts to "talk to me and others around me to really think about my strengths and 'Meet The Press' strengths and try to amplify those."

"Again the idea of psychological counseling or testing is complete fiction and has been kind of a runaway train," he added.

h/t Mediaite