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Daughter Of JPMorgan Chase CEO Draws Ire For Declaring Michigan City 'Apocalyptic'

AP Photo / Michelle Tessier

One local blogger called Dimon's story as "series of hackneyed, banal stereotypes." The column also drew an avalanche of responses from locals on Twitter, many of whom criticized Dimon for making generalizations about Flint without visiting the city. Furthermore, when Dimon's piece first ran, it included a photo of a street in Israel that was mis-identified as depicting Flint. That picture was removed without explanation Friday evening, according to Deadline Detroit. 

Dimon answered some of the criticism on Twitter Friday by indicating that a piece showing the more positive side of Flint was "in serious consideration." When one critic of the piece asked Dimon what would delay her from visiting Flint and working on a new story she replied, "I'm out of the country right now."