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North Dakota Town Scraps Plans To Demolish White Supremacist's Home

AP Photo / Kevin Cederstrom

Mayor Ryan Schock said Wednesday that the city can't go through with its plans to condemn jailed white supremacist Craig Cobb's home, the Grand Forks Herald reported.

The city had planned to demolish the home after Cobb missed a deadline to install water and sewer service on the property while in jail. But the home can't be condemned under city ordinance since it is structurally sound and not currently being lived in, according to Schock.

Cobb hasn't lived there since Nov. 16 -- the day he and one of his followers, Kynan Dutton, were jailed on terrorizing charges for allegedly threatening neighbors with guns. But if he manages to post a $1 million cash bond, Cobb now has the opportunity to return to his squalid property in Leith.

Dutton's girlfriend has already vacated Cobb's run-down property, where she had been living, according to the Grand Forks Herald. And it's unlikely Cobb will stick around, either -- he may be planning to relocate to Louisiana once his legal issues are resolved.