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Conservatives Boot American Atheists From Booth At Conference

AP Photo / Matt Stamey

Earlier in the day, CNN quoted American Atheists president David Silverman (pictured above) saying "I am not worried about making the Christian right angry. The Christian right should be angry that we are going in to enlighten conservatives. The Christian right should be threatened by us."

Meghan Snyder, a spokesperson for CPAC organizers, explained why American Atheists would no longer have a booth at the event:

American Atheists misrepresented itself about their willingness to engage in positive dialogue and work together to promote limited government.

We spoke with Mr. Silverman about his divisive and inappropriate language. He pledged that he will attack the very idea that Christianity is an important element of conservatism. People of any faith tradition should not be attacked for their beliefs, especially at our conference. He has left us with no choice but to return his money.