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Cornyn Hasn't Seen Stockman Once Since He Filed For Office

AP Photo / Rod Aydelotte

Stockman's Senate campaign has been struggling from the start. He has not raised very much money, has yet to receive major endorsements and is woefully behind in the polls. And according to Cornyn, he hasn't spent very much time drumming up support from Texans.

"He hasn't appeared at any public events," Cornyn said Wednesday. "I've been going to a number of those, including the Galveston Lincoln Day dinner on Saturday. I'll be [in] Brazoria County on Saturday. I'm doing a number of events in Lubbock, Abilene. I’ve been in Longview, all around the state, and I just haven't run into any of my primary opponents."

When asked by Slate whether Stockman has been campaigning in Texas, a spokesman for the congressman said, "We're not interested."