CNN Anchor To Pilot: Where Is The Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane? (VIDEO)

A paucity of evidence hasn’t stopped CNN from providing often speculative analysis on the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

The cable news channel’s wall-to-wall coverage continued Thursday, with anchor Don Lemon posing a seemingly unanswerable question to Les Abend, a commercial airline pilot who’s flown for 30 years.

“When you sat down I wasn’t really joking, it may seem that way, but where is this plane?” Lemon asked. “Where do you think this plane is?”

Abend understandably had difficulty mustering a response.

“It’s a tough one you know what you’re dealing with is a situation — the airplane is highly sophisticated, Boeing makes an incredible product,” he said. “It communicates internally within itself. It also communications to the airline via dispatch, to the maintenance facilities. So something catastrophic had to occur for in order for that communication to be cut off. Where it is, that’s a tough question.”



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