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Clinton Slams GOP Anti-Muslim Rhetoric: Shameful, Offensive, Dangerous

AP Photo / Patrick Semansky

Clinton was asked by a Muslim woman who had served in the military how she would make sure America was a safe place for the woman to raise her family.

"It's not only shameful and contrary to our values to say that people of a certain religion should never come to this country or to claim that there are no real people of the Muslim faith who share our values and to have the kind of dismissive and insulting approach," Clinton said, "It's not only shameful and offensive, which it is, I think it's dangerous."

She said she has met with Muslim parents who say their children do not feel safe going to school. Clinton also argued the rhetoric made it harder to counter terror threats by straining the U.S.'s relationship with the Muslim community both here and abroad.

"It's pretty hard to figure out how you are going to make coalition with the very nations you need if you spend your time insulting their religion," she said.