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Tea Party Candidate Ranted Against Libertarianism And 'Boobies' (AUDIO)

McDaniel's past has been a trending part of the Mississippi Senate race over the last few days. The Wall Street Journal on Thursday highlighted other audio of McDaniel on his radio show vowing not to pay taxes if they increased due reparations over slavery. He also mocked complaints of racism on an ad that showed a white woman holding down a black woman. TPM has highlighted in the past that McDaniel has delivered the keynote address at at least one neo-Confederate event in June 2013. TPM also reported that McDaniel recently backed out of a pro-Second Amendment rally and music festival after attention fell on one of the vendors there, who sold Confederate memorabilia and has advocated for racial segregation.

On his radio show McDaniel also said liberals want to remove "the Christian influence" that has dominated American society and make it easier to kill unborn children by keeping abortion accessible.

"They want to make it easier to kill the unborn. Liberals, also, as part of that social agenda want to continue to rid our society of that Christian influence that has been so dominant her for the past 230-plus years … they want to pass new hate crime laws for homosexuals. Whatever you can imagine, I can give you the parade of horribles coming," McDaniel said.

The audio is below: