Man Finds Gun Near Trash Can, Immediately Shoots Himself In The Abdomen

A Colusa, Calif. man was probably pretty surprised to find a gun located near a garbage can in the alley behind his house. But it was probably nothing compared to the surprise he felt moments later, when he was nursing a self-inflicted gun shot wound.

Local police responded to the scene Monday after the 24-year-old male accidentally shot himself in the abdomen. The Colusa Sun-Herald reported that authorities wouldn’t release the man’s name because he was the victim in the shooting.

Sgt. Josh Fitch described the sequence of events, as it was relayed to him by the man’s family.

According to Fitch, family members told officers the man went to the alley behind the house to let their dog out and found a small gun by a garbage can.
“He’s messing around with it, and pop, it goes off,” Fitch said, repeating what he was told. “He said, ‘I don’t know what happened.'”


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