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Wealthy GOP Guv. Candidate: 'Yes' I Belong To A $100,000 Wine Club

AP Photo / M. Spencer Green

That fact about Rauner came about after a picture of Rauner with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) holding a bottle of wine that can only be purchased through a club that costs $100,000 to join was published. The photo was taken by the Montana Pioneer's David Lewis (you can see the photo here).

Rauner was asked at a news conference on Tuesday whether he belonged to a wine club where members have to pay $100,000. Here's the exchange, via The Chicago Sun-Times' Natasha Korecki:

Q: Do you belong to a wine club that costs $100,000 to be a member of?

Rauner: (Laughs) I have many investments and I am a member of many clubs.

Q: So is that a yes?

Rauner: Yes.

Rauner's wealth has created some bumps in the campaign before.

In an interview in March Rauner made sure to clarify that he wasn't a member of the 1 percent, he's a member of the .01 percent of richest Americans.

In January Rauner suggested that the minimum wage should be lowered, rather than raised as Democrats have called for. He later walked back that remark.

Rauner is running to replace Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D). The TPM Polltracker gives him a 6.3 point lead over Quinn.