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British Police Looking Into Terrorism Offenses By Guardian Staff Over Snowden Leaks

AP Photo / PA

Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger was questioned by British Parliament Tuesday about the paper's use of Snowden's data Tuesday, after he was summoned to testify.

British security officials told lawmakers Tuesday that Snowden's data contained information on British spies. Lawmakers are considering charges against Rusbridger under the British Terrorism Act, which prohibits the publication of information about members of the military or intelligence services.

Rusbridger defended his publication and said the Guardian published less than one percent of the documents he received.

"We have published I think 26 documents so far out of the 58,000 we've seen, or 58,000 plus. So we have made very selective judgments about what to print," he said, as quoted by Reuters. "We have published no names and we have lost control of no names."