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Brian Schweitzer Might Run For President, Even Though He Thinks It Would Ruin His Life

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Schweitzer was asked about his 2016 ambitions during an appearance Monday on "Morning Joe."

"I haven't decided that," he said, prompting the show's panelists to encourage him to run.

"It would ruin my life," Schweitzer said, adding that he has a "great life in the private sector" as chairman of the board for a Montana-based mining company.

But when asked if he would make a good president, Schweitzer said he thinks he would.

After passing on a run in Montana's open U.S. Senate race, Schweitzer has fueled speculation that he may seek the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016.

When TPM's Sahil Kapur asked him about his presidential prospects during an appearance on MSNBC in November of last year, Schweitzer made it clear that he's considering a run.