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Brewer Might Support Pro-LGBT Bill: 'I Don't Believe In Discrimination'

AP Photo / Ross D. Franklin

The governor, who vetoed anti-gay legislation in February, did not outright endorse expanding the state's civil rights law, but urged the legislature to consider it.

She said on Tuesday she wasn't sure how much discrimination there is in Arizona against LGBT individuals.

“That’s something we don’t see a lot of anymore, because of people’s changing patterns of discrimination,” she said.

She said that discrimination and potential legislation need to be debated in the legislature.

“Testimony needs to be presented,” Brewer said. “Let the representatives of the people who have been elected by the populace of the state of Arizona determine and get it up to the governor.”

“I don’t know what would be in that bill or how they would write it,” she continued. “But I certainly would evaluate it and do what I thought was the right thing to do for the state.”

[H/t Buzzfeed]