Brent Bozell Reportedly Forces Someone To Write All His Columns And Books For Him

Brent Bozell uses his books and columns to rail against liberal media bias and dishonesty, but he reportedly doesn’t write a word.

Jim Romenesko spoke to some people affiliated with Bozell’s Media Research Center and learned from a former employee that the group’s media analysis director, Tim Graham, writes “almost everything published under [Bozell’s] name.”

The former employee also noted that, despite not actually writing any of the content, Bozell still collects 80-90 percent of the profits.

Graham evidently hates the assignment, which one ex-employee called “forced ghostwriting.”

The president of Creators Syndicate, which carries the column, told Romenesko that it’s “absolutely false to say that Brent Bozell does not write his column,” but nevertheless, Bozell and Graham will begin sharing a byline.

We last heard from Bozell a week ago when his other group, ForAmerica, unveiled its campaign to remove every Republican congressional leader from office this year.

Read Romenesko’s scoop here.


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