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NARAL Opposes Obama Judicial Nominee Over Anti-Choice Record

AP Photo / Susan Walsh

According to NARAL, while in the Georgia legislature, Boggs worked to give state funds to anti-choice pregnancy centers. A group of activists in Georgia also oppose Boggs because he voted against marriage equality and abortion rights.

Boggs, who currently serves as judge on the Georgia appeals court, also supported keeping the Confederate symbol on the Georgia state flag as a legislator, for which he has met opposition by members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

NARAL started a petition to stop Boggs from being confirmed as a District Court judge.

"Michael Boggs showed us his true personal agenda as a state lawmaker. Judges hold an incredible responsibility when they take the bench," the petition reads. "Americans need to trust them to take an objective view of the law and not use their position to advance their personal agenda. We can’t trust Michael Boggs."

The news was first reported by Buzzfeed.