Boehner: ‘Thank God For Our Heroes’

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has issued a statement in observance of Memorial Day.

“There’s a tradition unique to Memorial Day that calls for lowering the flag to half-staff until noon, and then returning it to full-staff. This is a fitting tribute to our fallen countrymen, and to who we are as a people, how we pause to remember and then forge ahead.

“Our nation has paid a high price to preserve freedom, and our servicemembers and military families have paid the highest price of all. No tribute to these sacrifices is more enduring than a grateful nation determined to live out the promise of liberty. So let us all do our part this Memorial Day – whether it’s standing in silence, whispering a prayer, or simply saying ‘thank you’ – to honor those who did their duty.

“Thank God for our heroes. May a piece of each of them live on in all of us.”


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