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Boehner: Put Economic And Political Pressure To Get Russia Out Of Ukraine


Here's Boehner's statement:

The United States has long been the world’s leader in promoting the goals and policies of democracy, freedom, respect for human dignity, and economic opportunity. In recent years, many of our partners and allies have feared our acquiescence and, in some cases, silence in the face of Russia’s systemic and persistent meddling in the affairs of its neighbors, especially Georgia and Moldova, would embolden Russia to take additional and escalatory aggressive action. Those fears have been confirmed today. Both the administration and the European Union have a responsibility to work together to maximize the economic and political pressure on Russia to withdraw its troops and work in a constructive manner to promote an inclusive government in Ukraine and to stabilize the Ukrainian economy. The House of Representatives stands with the people of Ukraine during these difficult days and remains committed to working with the administration to provide the necessary support Ukraine needs right now.