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Young Immigration Reform Advocates Confront Boehner At Breakfast (VIDEO)

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Boehner assured the two girls that he was still working to push immigration reform through.

"I'm trying to find some way to get this thing done," he said. "It's, as you know, not easy -- not going to be an easy path forward. But, I've made it clear since the day after the election that it's time to get this done."

Lima, whose father is an illegal immigrant who could be deprted, told Boehner her story.

"How would you feel if you had to tell your kids at the age of 10 that you were never coming home?" she asked.

"That wouldn't be good," Boehner responded.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) responded Wednesday to Boehner's comment that passing immigration reform is not easy.

Boehner told reporters in a press conference Wednesday that the House would not be taking up the Senate immigration reform bill.

Watch the video, posted by Change Nation: