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Iowa County Dems Posted Message Calling Reagan 'White Supremacist'


The Black Hawk County Democrats posted the message on Facebook on July 15, and removed the post on Thursday, according to the Register.

The posts shows a split image with Reagan on the left and President Obama on the right below the message, "One was a White Supremacist. The Other isn't."

Part of the image's caption was cut of in the Black Hawk County GOP's screenshot of the post. According to the DeMoines Register, the caption on Reagan's photo reads, "Triples the deficit, gets 18 clean debt ceiling increases." Obama's caption reads, "Cuts deficit in half, gets compared to Hitler."

Adkins called on the Black Hawk Democrats to apologize for the post.

"It's unfortunate that our counterparts at the Democrat Party are now taking this type of derogatory attack to the grave of one of the greatest presidents in American history," he said in a statement.

Image courtesy of the Black Hawk County GOP via the DesMoines Register