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Bill Maher: John Roberts Is A 'Liar' Or Too 'Naive' To Be SCOTUS Chief Justice

Frank Micelotta

"They say the Constitution was created by geniuses so idiots could run it," the comedian and liberal political commentator said Friday on his HBO show "Real Time With Bill Maher." "I need to amend that. I think the idiots have found a way to break it. I do. I think the idiots have finally won over the geniuses."

He took particular aim at Chief Justice John Roberts for decreeing in the 5-4 controlling opinion that giving large sums of money to politicians doesn't give rise to quid pro quo corruption.

"Either he is a liar or he is too naïve to hold any important job, including -- and especially this one," he said. "This is like a legal ruling written by the Little Mermaid. Are you crazy?"

Maher contributed $1 million in 2012 to a super PAC working to reelect President Barack Obama, but he has called for restoring campaign finance limits on independent expenditures that were axed in the Citizens United v. FEC ruling.