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Consistently Wrong Bill Kristol Floats Clinton-Petraeus 2016 Ticket

AP Photo / David Royal

Kristol, the editor of The Weekly Standard, floated the idea as an aside in the latest issue of his email newsletter.

"By the way, a savvy friend is absolutely convinced her running mate in 2016 will be David Petraeus—something worth thinking about, perhaps," he said.

The type of GOP candidate who would have to defeat the "elitist and dynastic" Hillary would have to be one from "Middle America who speaks for Middle America in ways understandable to Middle America," Kristol added.

Kristol has made a few 2016 field predictions before. He recently said that Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) would certainly not run in 2016. But the pundit has made a few predictions that turned out to be wrong so take these recent ones with a grain of salt.