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Arizona Lawmaker Rages Against 'De Fuhrer' Obama In Angry Facebook Post

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Barton's post was a reference to the title used by Hitler, which was actually, der fuhrer, or "the leader" in German.

Just before she compared Obama to the Nazi dictator, Barton wrote a pair of Facebook posts criticizing the President's behavior during the shutdown. She said she was "FURIOUS" about the closure of the memorials in Washington, D.C., accused Obama of holding the country "in contempt," and accused the president of maintaining his "excessive staff" while punishing Americans. 

"While the POTUS continues to punish the American people; he keeps open his golf course, he keeps open Camp David, and he retains his and his wife's excessive staff and stable of Czars! I'll bet he has kept in service his 3 food tasters!!!" wrote Barton. 

Barton is no stranger to heated web postings. Last July, she put up pictures online that she said showed the daughter of another Republican legislator, state Sen. Rich Crandall, tampering with campaign signs. Crandall left her an angry voicemail in which he accused her of verbally abusing his daughter.

Barton did not immediately respond to a request for comment about her shutdown Facebook posts. View a screen grab of Barton's "fuhrer" post:


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